Creative Ads

Some creative ads I did for Pencilvent & myself using every graphic designer weapon which is pencil or mouse. - Merry Christmas - El Clásico (Real Madrid VS Barcelona) - World Diabetes Day - New Year - Kuwait National Day - Halloween - Breast Cancer - Invasion of Kuwait - Adha Eid - Mother's Day - Ramadan All Ads was published on Instagram: Agency: @Pencilvent Designer: @Rami_Hoballah

Some creative ads I did for
Pencilvent agency and myself
using every designer weapons.
New Year 2017
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas (Christmas Tree = Illustrator Selection Tool)
El Clásico - Barcelona VS Real Madrid
World Diabetes Day
New Year 2016
Mother's Day 2016
Halloween 2016
Kuwait National Day 2015
Kuwait National Day 2016
October .. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Invasion of Kuwait 2016
Invasion of Kuwait 2015
Ramadan 2015
Ramadan 2016
Ramadan 2016
Adha Eid 2015
Adha Eid 2014
Adha Eid 2016
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